Terre Exotique


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Exotic peppercorns offer unique flavour profiles that can enhance dishes and add interesting flavour combinations.

  • Wild Black Pepper Madagascar Voatsiperifery (100g)
  • Green Pepper (23g)
  • Penja White Pepper (100g/80g)
  • Timiz Pepper Ethiopia (100g/35g)
  • Timur Berry Nepal (100g/40g)
  • Red Szechuan Berry China (100g/30g)
  • Pink Peppercorn Curepipe Mauritius (100g)
  • Penja Black Pepper Cameroun (100g/80g)
  • Cubebe Pepper Indonesia (100g/60g)
  • Red Kampot Berry Cambodia (100g/60g)
  • Sancho Berry Japan (100g/20g)
  • Passion Berry Ethiopia (100g/25g)

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