Labeyrie & Delpeyrat

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Labeyrie and Delpeyrat are renowned for their quality and high-end products. 


Duck Confit in Duck Fat and Prepared Dish

  • Duck Confit Two Legs
  • Duck Confit Twelve Legs
  • Duck Confit Four Legs
  • Duck Gizzard

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Duck Fat

  • 3.5kg
  • 350g


Pate and Confit

  • Duck Rillette with 20% Foie Gras (170g)
  • Duck Rillette (140g)
  • Duck Mousse with Sauternes Wine (160g)
  • Duck Terrine with Hazelnut and 4 Spices (170g)
  • Duck Rillette Delpeyrat (160g)
  • Delpeyrat Cassoulet (1.5kg)
  • Duck Sautéed in Armagnac (1.5kg)
  • Duck Rillette with Spices (140g)
  • Duck Terrine with 20% Foie Gras (170g)
  • Duck Terrine with Pistachio and Green Pepper (170g)
  • Duck Terrine with Chestnut and Porcini (170g)
  • Traditional Landes Cassoulet with Duck Confit (360g)
  • Labeyrie Duck Rillette with Spices (170g)
  • Duck Confit with Smoked Ham and Veg (375g/750g)

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Fish Roe

  • Giant Pacific Wild Salmon Roe (80g)
  • Red Lumpfish Roe (100g)
  • Black Lumpfish Roe (100g)

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