Les Hauts de Montague

  • South African Green Olives
  • South African Dried Pitted Black Olives
  • South African Black Olives
  • South African Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil (5kg bucket)

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Edmond Fallot


  • Extra Fine Gherkins (2120g/110g)
  • Dijon Wholegrain White Wine Mustard (5kg/110g)
  • 3×100g Honey Balsamic Vinegar/Tarragon Mustard/Provençale Mustard
  • Baby Bucket Dijon Mustard (450g)
  • Basil Mustard (110g)
  • Honey & Balsamic Mustard (110g)
  • Tarragon Mustard (110g)
  • Walnut Mustard (110g)
  • Espelette Pepper Dijon Mustard (110g)
  • Cepe and Black tea Dijon Mustard (110g)
  • Dill Lemon Dijon Mustard (110g)
  • Raspberry Vinegar 7% (250ml)
  • Tarragon White Wine Vinegar 7% (500ml)
  • Xeres Wine Vinegar 7% (500ml)
  • Old Red Wine Vinegar 7% (500ml)
  • Dijon Mustard (5kg/110g)
  • 4×25g Gift Crate Mustards
  • Stoneware Dijon Mustard (250g)
  • Arch Lever Dijon Mustard (1kg)
  • Green peppercorn Mustard (110g)
  • Gingerbread Mustard (110g)
  • Blackcurrant Mustard (110g)
  • Provençale Mustard (110g)
  • Pinot Noir Dijon Mustard (110g)
  • Coriander and Orange Dijon Mustard (110g)
  • Burgundy White Wine Vinegar 6% (500ml)
  • Provence Herbs White Wine Vinegar 7% (250ml)
  • Shallot Red Wine Vinegar 7% (500ml)
  • White Wine Vinegar with Walnut 7% (250ml)

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La Tourangelle

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  • Argan Oil (250ml)
  • Hazelnut Oil (500ml)
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil (250ml)
  • Walnut Oil (500ml)
  • Pistachio Oil (250ml)

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  • Savora Mustard (385g)
  • Desbois Red Wine Vinegar 6% (10l)

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